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Grading Services by Columbia Excavation Pros

With its many years of grading experience, Columbia Excavation Pros is a professional grading company you can trust to help you with a variety of different projects. Our sorting services take care of a wide range of earth moving and relocation projects, prepare residential and commercial premises for construction, renovation, demolition, construction of new buildings and other major construction projects. We rely on state-of-the-art equipment and experienced operators for our high-quality sorting services and our extensive experience in the construction industry.  

Residential and Commercial Grading

After completion of the grading, the terrain can be tilted to create surface drainage to straighten the area while water flows down from lower altitudes. Physical barriers such as vegetation and rocks can be created to absorb the energy from wind and water that cause erosion. This prevents erosion and protects your property from losing its careful created surface from rainfall. Stormwater management may need to capture rainwater that drains off roads, lawns and other places. Some must be collected via a pipe network, but others can also be installed in retention ponds to catch and hold the drained rainwater before it drains into the streams.

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The retaining wall is a structure that holds the ground by connecting the edges of two different level parts of ground. It also offers the stability of maintaing a specific area by preventing any wash out. We are building a new way to reshape the landscape so that we can design the most efficient use of water drainage, and redirection so the grading land maintains its placement.

Soil compaction is the process of applying pressure to the soil so that air can displace the pores of the soil grains. We hav the ability to use soil, sand, aggregate and spreading agents to compact the mixture into a highly stable area, with little weakness to erosion. It is often used in the construction of high-rise buildings, such as high-ceilings, skyscrapers and office buildings.